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Divorce Arbitration and Mediation Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Mediation & Arbitration

You can avoid going into a courtroom!

Arbitration and mediation are the two most common types of Alternative Dispute Resolution. When time, money or privacy are a concern, arbitration and mediation offer clients other options.  Moreover, in the Family Law/Divorce realm, mediation is all but mandatory in many courts in that you cannot even get a trial date before attending mediation.

Which to Choose - Arbitration or Mediation?

Ultimately, about 95% of any legal case file are resolved outside the courtroom setting. Arbitration provides an alternative to trial by having one or three persons hear each party’s position and make a decision which is binding on the parties. The intent of this process is that it be more expeditious and less expensive than trial.  Arbitration can be binding or non-binding as agreed to by the parties.  Binding provides finality, non-binding provides guidance and can help resolve some/all issues via the Arbitrator’s rulings.

Mediation is a process where one person (often a lawyer) assists in the guiding and advising the parties through their legal issues.  The Mediator does not make binding rulings or issues orders, rather the Mediator is experienced in negotiations and more so, in how certain courts or judges may rule on your legal issues.  In Mediation, the mediator has no authority to impose a settlement. Whether the parties settle is a decision that rests exclusively with them. This process also offers flexibility for parties to fashion a settlement that a judge or jury is not likely to be able to.

Given the vast majority of cases do settle at some point, the question really becomes when and how, not if, your case will settle.  Parties who are interested in cooperative problem solving are rewarded by saving time, money, maintaining privacy and possibly preserving a relationship beneficial to them.  Moreover, a settlement entered through mediation provides finality and stability…because you reached your own agreement by a third party. 

At Spresser Ogden, we stand ready to assist you in mediating your case.  Whether as your attorneys or for hire as a mediator, our building is ideally placed in the heart of the Village of Lake Orion in North Oakland County to help resolve your case.  Spresser Ogden has experienced and seasoned litigators with diverse backgrounds and life experience that can help guide you through your legal matter be it a divorce, civil litigation, or most any dispute that requires court intervention.

We Are The Experts In Mediation & Arbitration.

Contact Spresser Ogden PLLC today to discuss your available options based on the unique circumstances surrounding your case. We pride ourselves on our dedication to personal representation to clients in Oakland, Lapeer, Genesee, Macomb and throughout Southeast Michigan.