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Prenup Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362
Spresser Ogden PLLC

Our Practice Areas

At Spresser Ogden, we strive to keep an open mind and truly listen to our clients. As our client, you will be an active member of your legal team. We value your input at every step — you know the most about your situation, as you are the one feeling the impact on your personal well-being, finances and other areas of your life.

Family Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Family Law

Spresser Ogden PLLC is a practice dedicated to providing the absolute highest level of legal advocacy in every aspect of domestic relations representation.

Criminal Lawyer in Lake Orion MI

Civil Litigation, Criminal Law

We understand that criminal allegations can sometimes arise from false accusations, mistakes of identity, or misunderstandings. Get experienced defense against criminal charges in Michigan.

Divorce Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362


A skilled Michigan divorce lawyer can help you deal with this difficult situation and create a legal strategy that will ensure your rights are protected.

Child Support Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Child Support

We can help you obtain a child support determination that is in your best interests. Many variables are considered when calculating child support in Michigan.

Divorce Arbitration and Mediation Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Mediation & Arbitration

Getting a divorce does not require waging a war. Divorce mediation or arbitration offers a positive alternative to fighting it out in a courtroom.

Child Custody Lawyer in Lake Orion MI

Custody & Parenting Time

As a parent, you are extremely protective of your child. You want to ensure you can build a healthy, loving relationship with your son or daughter as they grow up.

Alimony Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Spousal Support / Alimony

There are many factors that a court will look at when resolving a broad range of family law matters, including spousal maintenance (a.k.a. alimony).

Change Of Domicile Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Change Of Domicile

Child relocation a.k.a. change of domicile is usually difficult, emotional, and often hurtful if a non-custodial parent is left behind.

Prenup Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Pre/Post Nuptuial Agreement

Having a prenup is a realistic and wise precaution. We offer compassionate and personalized counsel for your prenup.

Debt Division Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362

Debt Division

Equitable Division: How property is divided in a Michigan divorce. If you are getting divorced, marital property and assets must be divided.