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Child Support Lawyer in Lake Orion Michigan 48362
Spresser Ogden PLLC

Child Support

Child support problems can be exceedingly complex, with parents often disagreeing about what is best for their children. We can help you obtain a child support determination that is in your best interests.

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Spresser Ogden PLLC can help you with the following common child support issues:

Calculating Child Support

Many variables are considered when calculating child support in Michigan. We can help you obtain a determination that is beneficial to you and your family.

Child Support Agreements

When parents agree on child support issues, the entire family benefits. Spresser Ogden PLLC will work to help you reach a positive outcome on all child support issues.

Complex Child Support Concerns

When dealing with child support in Michigan, some situations are more complex. Both state and federal laws interact with issues involving child support in Michigan. Spresser Ogden PLLC can help you with all your concerns.

Child Support Court Process

The child support court process can be complex in Michigan. Let us guide you through the issues that arise.

Respected Family Law Services In Oakland County Michigan

Family law cases may be resolved in one of four ways: a trial of the matter, a settlement, a reconciliation, or the death of a party. The first two of these are the domain of a divorce attorney. If the matter cannot be settled and an accord reached, Spresser Ogden PLLC has the skills, experience, and reputation to effectively meet and prevail over Michigan’s best legal talent.

We understand that sometimes what is in your children’s best interests, and your own, may only be had by the application of textured and thoughtful litigation. Whether it be by negotiation or litigation, we will pursue your family’s best interests with integrity, intelligence, and intensity.

We Can Help With: